Special Materials and Gear

Lion Steel
Forged exclusively by the blacksmiths of the Knights of the Lion, lion steel holds an exceptionally sharp edge and adds +1 to damage, while armor made of it does not reduce the wearer’s movement speed.

Red Steel
Found only along the eastern coasts where Ancient Corneria was destroyed, Red Steel adds +1 to attack rolls when made into weapons, and adds +1 AC when made into armor.

An alloy of mithril and cold iron, silverite counts as silver and adds +1 to attack rolls with weapons. It also has the strange property of being able to affect incorporeal undead normally; if armor is made of it, it protects against the touch of ghosts and other such creatures.

A greenish metal only found in the north near the Adarkar Wastes, viridium deals an additional 1d4 poison damage when made into a weapon. It grants resistance to poison damage when made into an armor.

Dragonbone is harder than steel but only half as light and so is prized by expert blacksmiths to work with. When made into weapons it grants a bonus of +1 to both attack and damage rolls. Armor made of dragonbone gets an additional +1 AC and lets the wearer move at his full movement speed.

White Steel
A gleaming white metal used almost exclusively by the Shards of Glory, white steel grants +1 to attack rolls and allows critical hits on 19 or 20. If made into armor, once .

Volcanic Aurum
An extremely rare golden metal found only in the volcanoes of the Rainbow Islands. Volcanic Aurum weapons can damage any creature, no matter the bonus normally needed to strike invulnerable enemies.

The rarest metal known to Erendahl, wars have been fought over the smallest deposits. Weapons made of starmetal completely bypass all forms of invulnerability, and increase the damage die type by a step. Armor made of starmetal grants a +1 AC and grants resistance to piercing, bludgeoning and slashing damage.

The tough wood of the ironbark tree allows for a stronger pull and gives any bow (or primarily wooden weapon, such as a quarterstaff) made with it a +1 to damage. Shields made of ironbark gain an additional +1 AC.

The incredible sharpness of the dragonthorn tree give any piercing weapon made of it a +1 to attack rolls. Shields made of dragonthorn are very light and springy and suffer no non-proficiency penalty.

The outer ring of the Lost Forest is made from the hearty Vhenadahl tree. Similar to oak, Vhenadahl grants a +1 to attack and damage rolls to any weapon made from it. Shields of Vhenadahl gain a +1 AC.

Ancestral Heartwood
The oldest trees in Daniloth are the ancestral heartwoods. The elves only harvest the bare minimum of fall off from these trees each year. Shields made from its wood may once per combat turn one critical hit into a normal hit.

Great Lion Hide
The hides of the massive lions that prowl the southern plains can be cured into incredibly tough leather, giving the wearer resistance to all bludgeoning damage taken when made into leather, studded, or hide armor.

Made from the hides of young dragons, drakeskin gives a +1 to the AC of any leather armor made from it.

An incredibly hard and dense armor used primarily by dwarves, stoneplate armor is a heavy armor worth +11 AC but allows no Dexterity bonus. Anyone but a dwarf wearing the armor suffers from losing half their movement speed.

Special Materials and Gear

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