Through some unforeseen disturbance in space and time, you have been transported from your own home, be it in the past or future of this world, another planet or even plane all together, to awaken in the world you currently find yourself. You may have a great deal of knowledge concerning your own world, but it is not guaranteed to be of any worth here. However, being from elsewhere has granted you a type of insight not familiar to the dwellers of this time and place, allowing you to look at the world, it’s political struggles, cultural and racial issues, and all around you through a very different lens. But what history do you have, and how will it affect you in this world?

Skill Proficiencies: Insight, Perception
Tool Proficiencies: Disguise Kit
Languages: One of choice
Equipment: A set of exotic clothing, a few small odds and ends common to your world, valuables worth 20 gp.

Original Home
1. The world’s ancient past. You may be familiar with how the world was, but can still be surprised by how it has turned out. Still, your ancient knowledge can come in handy – you may know more about old dungeons and the workings of magic than some of the sages of this era.
2. The world’s far future. Disoriented by the less evolved world around you, though luckily some of your history lessons have stuck (though how much of them are accurate are another thing). You know the way the world is ‘supposed’ to unfold. But how much of an impact will your presence have?
3. Another place in the multiverse. Your character is from another established campaign world (either an official one, like Forgotten Realms, Eberron, or Dragonlance) or an unofficial setting of the DM’s choice. While most campaign worlds are relatively similar, there will still be some degree of culture shock (a Faerunian should get along fine on Oerth, but an Athasian would probably never fully adjust to the wonders of Khorvaire).
4. Alternate reality. Same world, same time, very different because the world grew up in very different ways. The character has strange racial and cultural issues brought with them from their version of the world. Feel free to play something completely outside your campaign’s norms (like a world full of Lawful Good orcs).
5. From another plane. Perhaps you were a changeling kidnapped and raised in the Feywild, or a warrior who earned a visit to the mead halls of Ysgard and spent enough time there that the world moved on. You tend to have exaggerated characteristics of your former home plane.
6. The ‘real’ world, Earth, circa 1970s to now. You thought it would be fun to take that roller coaster ride with your friends, but little did you know where it would lead you… While you generally understand and enjoy the tropes of the ‘fantasy’ come to life, coping with the harsher realities of it are a far different thing.

Feature: Not of this Place
You are perceived as strange, no matter how much you try and blend in. However, you have one great bit of knowledge that no one else in the world does. Perhaps it’s the secret name of an ancient villain, or insight into the workings of magic, or even the portal that brought you to this place. Work with your DM to determine your secret knowledge and the impact it will have on the campaign.

Suggested Characteristics
You might have ties to a royal family on another planet, be a mortal descendant of some kind of god from another plane, or be an alternate version of a person who exists in the world the game is currently taking place in. Perhaps you were a criminal being held for 10 life sentences in an otherworldly prison, or a being from a long dead planet who found their way to this one. Because you have spent your entire life somewhere else, the world can feel very odd at times. People will not recognize or respond to you in the same ways that you are used to being treated.
Personality Trait
1: I have no idea what some of the most basic things are, and don’t know how to handle certain everyday situations.
2: My home was a war torn place, and I am constantly on edge because of it.
3: Getting back to my own world is my main objective.
4: I treat everything in this world like it’s just part of a grand adventure.
5: I am very friendly with people I find familiar, but intimidated by the new and strange.
6: I enjoy the food and drink here a little too much.
7: While I’m in this world I spend all my free time here studying everything I can about it.
8: People often hear me use strange words and phrases, common in my world, unheard of in theirs.

1. Destiny: I was sent here to do something great. It’s the only reason that makes sense. (Any)
2. Friendship: My new companions are all that I have. I’ll never let them go. (Good)
3. Fairness: I want to right the wrongs of this world. (Lawful)
4. Change: This place is a brave new world, and I welcome the chance I have to explore it. (Chaotic)
5. Greed: I can use my knowledge to take whatever I want. (Evil)
6. Live and Let Live: I’ll just watch everyone else play their role until I find mine. (Neutral)

1. I was a scholar of a not yet discovered, or lost, way of knowledge that could change this world.
2. I chose to come to this place, and have an item that will return me home. It must not be lost or broken, or I am forever stranded.
3. There’s someone in this world I idolize, and very much want to meet.
4. I know of a disastrous coming event that will end in tragedy and seek to avert it.
5. There is a person in this world that I have fallen madly in love with.
6. I want to leave my mark on this world before I leave.

1. I have a relic from my own home that, if stolen, could unleash chaos.
2. I feel superior to this world’s inhabitants in every way, and am condescending whenever I interact with anyone or anything.
3. Compared to these people I feel like an uncivilized barbarian, and I kind of act like it too.
4. I will do anything to return home, even if it means doing something I know is wrong.
5. I believe that I’m just sleeping and that if I die here, I will wake up.
6. The way I act about knowing things makes me sound like a raving mad prophet.


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