The Long Dark

After a long time locked in an Ice Age, the world is finally beginning to thaw, and pockets of civilization are reforming and retaking the world from the dinosaurs, giant animals, and forces of nature that currently control it.

Humans – changes incoming, particularly no more variant human (will have subraces).
Dwarves – mostly unchanged. Glacier Dwarf
Elves – mostly unchanged, predominantly wood elves. Snow Elf
Half Orcs/Elves – normal
Halflings – uncommon. Furchin (eskimos)
Gnomes – uncommon, mainly forest gnomes, use illusions to stay hidden.
Dragonborn – rare
Tiefling – very rare; requires permission
Goliath – rare
Shifter – uncommon
Minotaur – rare
Genasi – very rare, requires permission
Revenant – rare

Yolo’s Guide – by permission

New Races:

Barbarian – Hulking Brute (get larger)
Bard – Skald
Cleric – Frost domain
Druid – Circle of Spirits
Fighter – Imp. Weapon fighter
Monk – Way of the Voice (skyrim shouts)
Paladin – Enlightened (pathfinder archetype)?/Oath of the Ancestors
Ranger – Mountain Man/Survivalist
Rogue – Stalker
Sorcerer – Frost bloodline
Warlock – Ancestor patron?
Wizard – Runecaster? Invoker/elementalist?

The Long Dark

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